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Getting Started in Astronomy
Resources for Newcomers

These resources will help you learn about astronomy and get started in the right way. Please if you have questions.
    —Jeff DeTray

Buying a Telescope
Telescopes are relatively expensive items, so it pays to do your homework before spending your hard-earned money. Here's what to look for – and look out for – when setting out to purchase a telescope.

Web Sites for Beginners
Here are some web sites to help you take your first steps in astronomy, learn to observe the skies with and without a telescope, and make intelligent purchases of astronomy equipment.

Books for Newcomers
These half-dozen books are guaranteed to help you learn the sky and enjoy the wonderful hobby of amateur astronomy.

Public Observing Opportunities
Astronomy clubs and observatories throughout New England offer free public observing sessions that give you a chance to see amazing sites in the night sky. Here's where to find a public observing session in your area.

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