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CG-5 Modifications by Pawel Lancucki

In 2001, I began corresponding with Pawel Lancucki, an amateur astronomer and CG-5 owner from Warsaw, Poland. Pawel has made extensive modifications and improvements to his CG-5, including enhancements to the drive controller and a better tripod. He also created some easy to follow instructions for the poorly-documented polar alignment scope. At the time, Pawel did not yet have a web site of his own, so I agreed to provide space at where he could share his work.

I have not yet tried Pawel's modifications and instructions, but I think you will find his ideas interesting and useful. If you have questions about his material, please visit his web site: Pawel Lancucki - Amateur Astronomy.

–Jeff DeTray

CG-5 Pages by Pawel Lancucki:
  • Further Modifications of the CG-5 Mount Drive
  • CG-5 Hard Wood Tripod
  • CG-5 Easy Polar Alignment Using the Polar Scope